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The increase of your blood sugar (glucose) happens if your body cannot effectively transport it from your blood into the cells and if left not monitored, this will lead to a chronic disease called diabetes.

In a study conducted by medical experts in 2012, it was reported that the United States has 14-percent of its adults are suffering from type 2 diabetes while there are 38-percent where diagnosed with pre-diabetes, which means that these alarming figures that there are pandemic cases of diabetes across the country. A lot of people do not know that they are already developing pre-diabetes, and most often, they simply ignore the symptoms because of lack of knowledge about this dreaded disease which plagues millions of lives around the world, in this article, we will discuss how to manage your blood sugar level easily to make it to normal levels.

It is pretty common that we feel defeated, especially when you are living with diabetes, you may know a little bit of knowledge when it comes to managing it but when it comes to maintenance, you are having problems sticking to your prescribed plan that is why this article is essential to know what are the important things to do in winning this uphill battle for your health.

  • FIGHT STRESS- Stress is one of the major factors for a person to develop diabetes. People who have stress tend to lower their metabolism, and decreases their overall health which contributes to developing pre-diabetes. Stress can raise your blood sugar level due to some factors. Fighting stress is important to prevent yourself from developing diabetes. Try exercising more frequent than before, try to meditate to relax your mind and body or most importantly, consult a mental health counselor to help you cope with stress.
  • CREATE A SOLID MEAL PLAN- What it means solid, is that you have to create a meal plan that you can realistically last and maintain. Having a meal plan that does not entirely fit your taste will only get to waste, having a solid meal plan that fits your taste is recommended. Choose foods that are lower in calories, lower in saturated fats, lower in trans fat, of course lower on sugar and salt but that does not mean that you have to sacrifice the taste and the quality of the food just because you sacrifice a lot of stuff from it, try inventing new ways of cooking to make it taste great at the same time to get benefits from your solid meal plan. There are tons of recipes and cooking ways you can learn online or through cooking books.
  • DRINK WATER- Drinking water is essential to hydrate our bodies well but often times we tend to replace it with juice or soda especially every after or during meals, try replacing it with water. It is much healthier. Water aside from hydrating our bodies is also a good way in neutralizing the sugar that we intake, this means that the sugar that we consume will get flushed out through urination instead of ending up piling in our stomach.

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